Deep SEARCH 9® Webservice API

Webservice API - Get Access From 3rd Party Applications

The DS9 Webservice API is available in all members of the DS9 product family to provide remote access to collected intelligence data without having to login into the DS9 GUI.

Authenticating against DS9 using either a technical user or an API key, 3rd party applications can access DS9 viewers or containers to either display DS9 viewers in proprietary web based applications or further process the data.

Accessing the Webservice API

Data is retrieved in JSON or TSV format and can be delivered zipped or unzipped.

The JSON format returned depends on the container that was accessed.
e.g. the JSON for the Collected News container from the News Tracker project template is:
	"data": [{
		"Name": "FDA - Recalls, Alerts: Food and Drugs",
		"Date": "01/09/2017 14:03:49",
		"Headline": "Voluntary Nationwide Recall of all Liquid Products Manufactured by ...",
		"Subtitle": "As a precautionary measure, ...",
		"Source": "Cardinal Health",
		"ID": "-1338115155",
		"Icon URL": "",
		"Status": "true",
		"Content URL": ""

Accessing the DS9 Webservice API is as easy as executing an HTTP REST request:

For DS9 Solutions and DS9 Developer's Edition:[idContainer]&filter=[some lucene query]&format=[JSON|TSV]&zip=zip
Authentication is Basic Authentication using the credentials of the technical user that was granted permissions to access the specified container.

The parameter idContainer can be retrieved from the DS9 GUI when opening a Container dialog (number in the caption). Parameters filter, format and zip are optional and default to:
  • filter: empty
  • format: JSON
  • zip: zip

For accessing viewers from outside of DS9 exists the Standard Web App and for integration with 3rd party applications a DS9 App Stub can be used to call viewers through the webservice API.

Both options come with DS9 Solutions and DS9 Developer's Edition.