Managed Intelligence

Next Generation SEARCH and Analytics

The ever more rapidly growing amount of unstructured information that is related to corporate intelligence
requires the merging of Web- and Enterprise Search, Semantic technologies and Big Data Analysis.

Deep SEARCH 9 Products

The Deep SEARCH 9 product suite offers:
  • Configurable crawlers and connectors for combined indexing and search of structured and unstructured
    corporate data sources and sources from the Surface Web, the Deep Web and the Dark Web
    to ensure that employees in every part of the organization have access to the information they need.
  • Advanced content analytics to aggregate, analyze and visualize structured and
    unstructured (natural language) content to reveal hidden insights and patterns.
  • A powerful SEARCH interface providing easy to use but powerful viewers
    that come along with graphical filtering and drill-down functionality.
  • An integrated graphical development environment allowing data scientists and knowledge workers
    to build organization specific SEARCH solutions.

Our Product Suite Comprises Three Tiers of Products


Compare the Features of the Three Product Tiers in the Table Below: