Messaging and Newsletter Management

The DS9 system offers a messaging component that allows DS9 solutions to read mail, RSS and Atom feeds.
It sends notifications and alerts by email based on events generated by other web analytics components.
An integrated publishing component compiles personalized newsletters automatically based on user profiles and formats them based on predefined templates.

Push Notifications and Alerts

There are many incidents or events that are important enough to inform the user immediately by email:
  • Crawling targets that could not be reached (server down)
  • News publishing specific information
  • Product prices reaching a predefined limit
  • Financial reports being released

Sending Emails

Notifications and Alerts are messaging components that are used to send arbitrary messages to users that inform the recipient about specific events.
The conditions or events that trigger sending a notification or an alert are not limited and can be configured using standard web analytics filters.

Reading Emails and News Feeds

Automatic Email Reading and News Feed Processing could be applied to:
  • Content based filtering of newsletters
  • Escalation of important news
  • Routing of customer service requests or complaints
  • Custom spam recognition
  • Tracking and archiving of news topics

Email Reader

Our email reader can help to reduce the burden of reading incoming mails. Take for example newsletters: They come in by the 100s every week, the average open rate across all industries is less than 25%. This may not be, because recipients are not interested in the topics (hey, haven't they signed up for it?), but there is just not enough time and it is very likely that important information is missed. So why not open them automatically, scan the messages for interesting content, extract it and forward messages based on matching user profiles.

For more examples, please contact us. We love to develop new ideas with you.

RSS and Atom Readers

Readers for Syndicated Feeds like RSS and Atom feeds provide the means to immediately access news as they are published on these channels without the need to subscribe to a newsletter or crawl web pages. News from different sources can be filtered and published together or forwarded by email.

Newsletter Builder

Even though the newsletter builder could easily be used for sending out personalized marketing messages, its main purpose is for users who's professional duty it is to read through uncountable web pages with news, RSS feeds and newsletters every day. By filtering all these sources and combining them in a new and personalized form, news can be managed centrally.

If filtered based on personal profiles they can be sent out to co-workers (scientists, marketing, competitive analysts, ...) or other interested parties in a fully automated process and in a corporate design.

Newsletter Template Engine

The Newsletter Builder sends out HTML formatted emails to the provided recipients. The template engine uses the standard template language Velocity to dynamically create the content and provides an editor with syntax highlighting.

Since the template engine uses HTML, you can choose from 1000s of free email templates on the web.

Personalized Newsletters

The formatted documents are dynamically created based on the profile information provided together with the recipients' email addresses. These profiles that can contain anything from text fragments to formatting rules or URLs of images can be generated using all Advanced Web Analytics filters available, content is therefore virtually not limited.

So whether redistributing links to legal publications co-workers should be concerned about or sending out freshly compiled updates on upcoming conferences...
The Newsletter Builder makes sure it is personal, stylish and with corporate identity.