Management Team

Klaus Kater, Managing Partner

Coming from the technology side Klaus is the driving force behind the DS9 technology. As one of the two founders of Deep SEARCH 9 Klaus is now concentrating on managing the company’s strategy and developing its position in the market.


Klaus walking through the fountain on Germany's largest market placeHaving worked in C-level positions at international companies in the US, Hong Kong, Switzerland and Germany, Klaus directed large off-shore development teams and developed strong management experience.

Based on his academic background in Artificial Intelligence technologies and web-based product development, the idea was born to build a new type of web data analytics and search technology that allows companies to build corporate intelligence applications that work transparently and totally independently – and are unbiased unlike advertising driven public search engines or other commercial information products.

Dr. Sonja Müller, Director Operations

Being among the first to finish her dissertation in computational linguistics at the German DFKI makes Sonja a real pioneer of what is considered modern Artificial Intelligence.


Sonja, sitting on a large pebble at a riverHaving the technological background as well as the management expertise and the strong urgency to get things right, Sonja is our best asset when it comes to making sure our customers get what they need.

Sonja is also founding partner of Deep SEARCH 9 and has taken a hands-on role in the first generation of Deep SEARCH 9 technology. Sonja’s main focus is now on managing customer development projects and training new engineers for Deep SEARCH 9 and our customers.

The light in Sonja’s office is often the last to be switched off

Philip Ditchfield, Director Sales and Marketing

Walk with Philip across the Frankfurt Book Fair and you’ll understand what an exceptional relationship manager he is…


Wherever you go with Philip, you can be certain that he will meet somebody who he has done successful business with.

Philip brings to the organisation not only many years’ experience within the information sector having held senior sales management roles at Thomson, Wiley and Springer – and, on the other side of the buying process, within information management at GlaxoSmithKline.

But his true motivation is his compassion and empathy, which allows him to maintain such successful long-term relationships on a personal basis.

This is why Philip is a great asset for our management team.