Deep SEARCH 9® Hosting and Operations

Our Standard Hosting Environment (SHE) Stands for Fast Deployment and Secure Operations

Each SHE host is built from a set of predefined VMs that can take on the following roles:

  • Frontdoor - Separating the Internet from the VM setup on the host
  • DS9 - A DS9 Solutions or a DS9 Developer's Edition installation
  • DS9 Farming - Browserfarm, WHOIS Proxy, Gateway to the Dynamic DS9 Amazon EC2 Cluster
  • DS9 App - The web based application integrating multiple DS9 Viewers into one Managed Intelligence System
  • JDBC Server - The database server can be operated isolated or as cluster
  • Elasticsearch - The search engine can be operated isolated or as cluster
  • Triple Store - The triple store can be operated isolated or as cluster

Which VM images are installed on a specific SHE host depends on the unique requirements of the DS9 solution the customer asks for.
(The hardware shown in the graphics is a typical setup for a SHE host but may be different in the actual setup.)

Our experienced team will design the operation environment that best fits the customer's needs from one or multiple SHE hosts.

Sample Single Host Environment

The indicated environment is an example of the described server setup and SLA.
The price depends on actual requirements, for which servers may be scaled differently and/or distributed across multiple servers.

Discuss your ideas for a DS9 solution with us and we will estimate the hardware requirements and plan the hosting environment.

Based on your SLA requirements we will prepare a detailed proposal for the actual cost for hosting and operations.

Example Setups

We operate DS9 Solutions and DS9 Developer's Edition Systems on dedicated hardware:

Searcher - Finder Setup

The Searcher - Finder setup is a setup for multiple DS9 solutions running in the same environment

When multiple DS9 solutions run frequently and collect lots of data (e.g. millions of web pages), the actual data analysis (Searching) is competing with retrieval (Finding) for the hardware resources (CPU and disks IO).

In SHE setup with one server, the components are configured in a way that resources are balanced between analysis and retrieval, sometimes leaving not sufficient resources for high performance retrieval.

In these cases we separate Searching and Finding onto two separate SHE hosts of which one is optimized for analysis (Searcher) and one is optimized for retrieval (Finder). The setup in this case looks similar to the setup on the image Searcher - Finder Setup.

If more and more users get access to DS9App, the next step would be to swap out the Elasticsearch VMs to separate SHE hosts giving them dedicated physical resources.

Dynamic Cloud Allocation Setup

The Dynamic Cloud Allocation setup makes use of the DS9 EC2 Instance Pool Management

DS9 EC2 Instance Pool Management allows dynamic allocation of Amazon EC2 instances when they are needed. An instance pool can be launched across multiple Amazon EC2 regions and will be managed according to situation specific constraints.

EC2 instances are stopped automatically, when they are not needed anymore, optimizing execution time based on the billing cycles to save service fees.

Optional Account Management on Your Behalf

Our operations team is trained to manage and monitor activities on your Amazon AWS accounts and also your Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services account if your solution makes use of the Cognitive Services.

Currently the DS9 Developer's Edition supports the Bing Web Search API, other APIs may be integrated over time or upon request.