Deep SEARCH 9® DS9 Solutions


Use Our Data Science Platform with Concurrent Crawlers and More than 60+ Web Analytics Filters

You see the problems arising from relying on canned information on the one side and public search on the other. Your organization is on its way from Business Intelligence to Advanced Business Analytics. Comprising of highly developed use of machine-generated and human-sourced information for analysis with increased sophistication.

And you need a kick-start to get a Managed Intelligence Solution in place because change processes take long and time is of the essence...

If you agree with any of the these statements

  • There is a need for a sophisticated solution to cover external intelligence
  • We want to manage Corporate Intelligence Competence in our Organization
  • Volatility of our information sources is outrunning our organization's ability for change
  • Our business critical intelligence must be secured on proprietary infrastructure

Then DS9 Solutions (with development supported by us) is the choice for you.

Managed Intelligence Solutions - Turnkey and Fully Operated

We build turnkey Managed Intelligence Solutions and operate them in our hosting environment. You do not have to setup a team of data scientists that build and maintain DS9 solutions. DS9’s team of experts does this for you – that’s what we are here for.

DS9 Solutions provides the full feature set needed for custom Advanced Web Analytics solutions - turnkey and fully operated:

Feature Comparison DS9 Solutions and DS9 Solutions Unlimited