Deep SEARCH 9® DS9 Developer's Edition

Managed Intelligence: “Information with Best Before Date”

You don’t eat food after the “best before date” so why do organizations consume canned information that they don’t know when it was created or if it has expired. Because the information base is so volatile and set goals have become fast moving targets, managing intelligence has become mandatory to stay ahead of the competition.

Managing Corporate Intelligence means to make use of solutions that feed the right information and insights into the organization at the right time.

Deep SEARCH 9 is the only technology on the market to interactively build Managed Intelligence Solutions that involve Web Search Engine technology and Advanced Web Analytics technology with semantic technologies.

As the amount of unstructured data that is related to corporate information is growing ever more rapidly, solutions need to be more sophisticated and user friendly to allow search managers and information architects in end-user organizations to capture the full potential of this information. (Gartner, Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Search)

A Sophisticated Development Environment to Roll Out Advanced Web Analytics with Semantic Search Capabilities

Your Search Competence Team will be able to:
  • Build faceted Web Search Engines for targeted content in just hours
  • Link content from Surface Web, Deep Web and corporate resources
  • Provide intelligence based on Advanced Web Analytics
  • Serve research analysts as well as corporate search
  • Develop Managed Intelligence solutions independently or with external support

Full Life Cycle Managed Intelligence Solutions

Managed Intelligence Solutions are not static. They live. They need to have their content refreshed with the pulse with which the targeted information changes.

DS9 Developer's Edition gives you the tools for your teams to drive the full life cycle of Managed Intelligence Solutions.

Advanced Web Analytics Technology - Flexible and Scalable

Because of the diversity and volatility of the information base that need to be tapped into, existing information coverage approaches need to be supplemented with a persistent query system customizable by the user that would set the queries, search sites, filters and schedules for repeated queries. With DS9 Developer's Edition Deep SEARCH 9 provides a technology that is flexible and scalable enough to work out of the box but also grows with changing requirements:
DS9 Developer's Edition is provided on dedicated hardware that Deep SEARCH 9 is hosting and operating for you.