Deep SEARCH 9® ds9 2Go


Regular, Tall or Grande?
It's as Easy as Ordering a Caramel Macchiato...

You can sign up for ds9 2Go in three account models that differ in the number of projects that can be created by the user and resources like disk quota, bandwidth and query limitations.

Compare the account models in the chart below.

Account Models

To sign up for a ds9 2Go account, or if you have questions about ds9 2Go, please contact our team at

Your account will usually be setup and fully available within a few hours.

The Self Service Portal Is the Entry Point for each ds9 2Go Account

In the management console users manage their account information and manage their individual solutions.

Get a Custom Crawler, Scraper or News Tracker in Minutes

Build Solutions from Predefined Templates

Depending on the project template you choose from our project gallery, the end results of the configured ds9 2Go solution will be made available in an interactive viewer in the Management Console that presents the collected and analyzed information in a user-friendly way or through a REST call to the Webservice API.
Each d9 2Go account comes with generous computing resources that are located in the ds9 cloud. And if a configured customer solution requires more than the available resources, customers can always upgrade to the next ds9 2Go account model or move to a dedicated server running ds9 Solutions.

Modular Concept

The growing gallery of project templates allows the easy setup of Crawlers, News Trackers or targeted Search Engines in just minutes. Scheduled jobs will run automatically to make sure you always get the latest data from the web.

Whether setting up a Web Crawler, a personalized News Tracker or a Search Engine, users can configure their solutions all by themselves in the Management Console or they book one of our Support Packages and have our specialists helping them or doing the entire job for them.

ds9 2Go is not only the most powerful yet easy to setup Intelligence Management platform, it also means not to worry about server hardware, networking infrastructure and bandwidth.