The Sea of Information

Whatever business intelligence you need, it’s somewhere within the sea of information

The Sentinel gathers exactly what you’re looking for within the vastness of the surface and deep web

Don’t rely on canned, potentially biased and incomplete data, when you can source exactly what you need – wherever it might be, however hidden…

DS9’s approach is unlike any licensed database – the difference is game-changing

5 Sentinel modules to choose from

Keeping you ahead of the competition

Know your competitors’ intentions, then discover that critical piece of business insight first

On constant watch – looking out for relevant information about competitive activities on the surface and deep web


Your sources

The sources are the ones you choose
Instantly modify sources whenever you want (no need to have a new project built each time)!

Your ontology

The ontology is customised, unique and yours
Modify your ontology whenever you want. It’s not predefined, it’s not fixed by others

Your users

Unlimited users, wherever they’re located
It is up to you how many users you allow on your dedicated, cloud-based machine

Don’t just take our word for it…

Try it yourself based on the sources you choose, plus an ontology we build based on your terminology



Find companies, start-ups, biotechs,…. that you definitely won’t find elsewhere using licensed databases, public search engines or manual (human) processes

Source data is the entire website (tens of millions of pages) of every potentially relevant company within your industry

Depth (not just breadth) of data, plus filtering based on your terminology, means you will find that one company you’re looking for – before anyone else

Clinical Trials – keep an eye on your competitor’s trials

Choose the trial registries you want to track

No editorial and geographic bias means you’re guaranteed to find relevant trials, you won’t find in any other clinical trials database

There is no time-lag, there is no missing content

Grants, from funders relevant to your business

Global, big or small, known or niche…

Discover (niche) funders you didn’t know before.
Then track grants of mainstream funders together with the grants of the funders chosen by you to reveal opportunities that could transform your business

However niche, however unknown…

TTOs (Technology Transfer Offices)

Automatic tracking of relevant technologies

Choose the sources, search then filter (using your thesaurus) to find the opportunity you’re looking for the second it’s announced

Your news

Choose the (news) sources you want to monitor

Then get the news delivered daily – to see immediately what news those organizations are publishing every day

No time-lag, no missing content, just news at your fingertips the moment it’s published