DS9 Runtime

Today, using DS9 Runtime, you can build individual insight apps, which are now fed from your very own intelligence service

Each project is individually configured, based on your requirements

The way information is made accessible is undergoing constant change

Each DS9 insight App is based on the company’s scope of interest, the department’s scope of interest – or even down to the specific interest(s) of individual scientists, researchers, analysts and decision-makers

  • Grants / funding organizations tracker – and capture the connections – e.g. investigators assigned to their research organizations
  • Start-up SEARCHCORPUS® – discovering start-ups / technology that can’t be found due to lack of data depth (DS9’s projects based on every relevant company’s entire website)
  • TTO tracker – to find investment and collaboration opportunities
  • Conference data to discover organizations, technologies and KOLs
  • Automating the access to business-critical (but cumbersome) databases – e.g. bill of lading databases that otherwise require significant human input
  • Monitoring competitive intelligence activities
  • Clinical Trials that don’t appear (or take months to appear) in well-known clinical trials databases
  • Tracking news
  • Identifying geographical research hubs
  • Or something else, specific only to you

DS9 Runtime collects the information, indexes it in a SEARCHCORPUS® for semantic search, or adds it to a tracker to provide ongoing monitoring

Feature comparison chart

There are two DS9 Runtime licenses available plus a Developer’s Edition where you can develop insight apps yourselves

1)limited only by physical server capacity and performance