DS9 Developer’s Edition

The Integrated Development Environment (IDE) enables you to build and maintain your own solutions

You develop and operate your own intelligence solutions without the need to write code

Decide what information you want to work with. Then use DS9’s tools to build your own unique intelligence…

The development environment was built so that information scientists, without IT skills or support, could easily set up a new insight app within hours

  • Internal customers express their unique need for information
  • Data scientists research sources to be crawled
  • Customized ontologies are prepared
  • Insight apps with custom visualizations are configured
  • The crawlers crawl, taggers tag

You’ve just built your own intelligence system


Everything runs automatically according to defined schedules. At the end, the information is stored in an inverse index, supporting semantic search

Screenshots of the DS9 Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

The web based IDE allows real-time collaboration in geographically distributed teams. Simple drag and drop operations, no coding required

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Our tools allow you to access, retrieve, extract and analyze information directly from its source

Intelligent processing

AI capabilities that can be applied automatically to any content detected in any of the retrieved sources:

  • Automated classification / rating of content using ML
  • Built-in geocoding
  • Built-in date normalization
  • Structured data extraction
  • Entity recognition
  • OCR
  • Video/voice transcription
  • Automatic translation

It’s the results that count

DS9 licenses scale all the way to cloud enterprise solutions

  • DS9 Runtime (unlimited users*, up to 3 unique projects) – we build the solutions for you – charged based on DS9’s day-rate and the amount of time required. (Depending on the complexity, projects can take a few hours to a few weeks)
  • DS9 Runtime Unlimited (same as Runtime, but with an unlimited number of projects*)
  • DS9 Developer’s Edition (same as runtime unlimited*) – we train you how to use the Integrated Development Environment (3 users) and you then build your own solutions (with or without DS9’s help)
  • AWS – very large / data intensive projects can be scaled within the cloud using Amazon Web Services (add-on option for DS9 Runtime unlimited)

*Only server capacity and speed set physical limitations


Contact us for pricing or to discuss a project or Proof of Concept (POC)