Deep SEARCH 9® Solutions

Go for the standard:
Get your Web Search Engine or News Tracker out of the box.
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Deep SEARCH 9 Solutions

Using a DS9 standard solution you can still customize it to meet your expectations.
By adding specific targets, extracting more information and even by sending the retrieved information into the backend system of your choice. Our unique technology makes it possible to deploy a standard solution and customize it on the spot.

No coding required. Promised!

Deep SEARCH 9 Solutions

We are building web analytics standard solutions for specific business problems based on the experience we collect with our development partners. We offer selected customers development partnerships in which they benefit from special conditions in our development partner program and in addition get access to early releases, usually more than 12 months in advance of the public release of a solution.

Deep SEARCH 9 and our future customers of a new solution benefit from the business expertise of the development partner in the specific industry, which guarantees that the solution is not only fulfilling its promises in terms of information delivery, but is also user friendly and stable.

Learn below about the currently available solutions that are built on DS9 technology and that have been used in production for several years.

Solution: News Tracker

In the way you are used to make decisions yourself, you need to be able to satisfy your need for specific information yourself. Information – cut to your need – is coming to you without delay directly from its source.

Targeted and Fast – Mobile, Global and Independent

Build your own news agency based on most up to date company news, newest market data and other strategic information. Put yourself in the position to make your next decisions faster than others. Stay always connected. Using your smart phone or your browser you always have direct access to your personal news. News and data are collected directly at the source – on a global base across the Internet. In most cases, news are gathered directly from the public web server of the company which published the news in the first place.

Unbiased and Directly from the Source

Information collected by the News Tracker is neither edited by any news agency nor ranked by some search engine. Thus your news is always unfiltered and unbiased. Monitor important market data as it changes: Prices, transactions, events or other publications can be monitored in near real-time. The News Tracker is your personal information hub offering immediate access to market-moving communications and announcements.

Clinical Trials Tracker

Monitor published updates, reports and important changes on clinical trials…

The Clinical Trials Tracker is ready to monitor any clinical trial registries publishing their register on the web. Monitor daily or at any interval of interest. Get alerted on publications matching your profile or search the tagged content.

CERT Tracker

The CERT Tracker monitors the news of different Computer Emergency Response Teams, and other sources that publish news or articles about cyber threats, exploits and hacker attacks. Each target can be monitored with a specific frequency and new targets can be added as they gain importance. A filter allows you to focus on news that may be relevant to your specific infrastructure…

Solution: Competitive Technology Intelligence (CTI) Watch

Monitor your competition closely and never again miss any important information.

Archive Now – Search Later

The news, publications or even just changes on your competitors’ websites are retrieved as frequently as you like. Up to every few seconds. What CTI Watch retrieves is filtered and archived immediately.

CTI Watch

You specify what information shall be monitored and how long the archive shall keep the information.

CTI Watch is a combination of a News Tracker and a faceted Search Engine.

Watch the News Tracker as news are coming in.
Or retrieve any news at a later point in time using faceted search. The archive can be searched using advanced search technology like fuzzy search, proximity search or range queries. Presented news are linking directly back to the source of the information’s origin to allow analysts to quickly perform some more indepth research of a topic.