Managing Intelligence

Large Scale Web Data Retrieval, Search and Analysis

We built DS9 because we understood that our customers needed their very own intelligence service to stay on top of their competition and the market. Of course they cannot support a CIA-like secret service with human agents digging for intelligence.
That’s why we created DS9 as an alternative. Allowing our customers to build own search engines and trackers that make information accessible… information that can’t be found elsewhere – neither in curated databases nor using public search engines


Public search engines rate displayed search results to maximize advertising revenue. And curated databases are affected by editorial and geographic bias, time-lag and missing content, whereas intelligence processed by DS9 technology provides immediate insight directly from its source

Our team of highly skilled engineers with software engineering, AI or natural language processing backgrounds, focus on delivering the most advanced, yet easy-to-use architecture, to manage intelligence for and together with our customers

Deep SEARCH 9®

DS9’s technological innovation was to combine web technology, big data, together with semantics / AI to build a generic platform that would allow the interative orchestration of advanced analytics processes.

The web based development environment with its team-based approach, was built for super fast turnaround times – enabling customers to develop insight apps for focus groups or even individuals – often within hours

DS9 developed and funded the technology based on immediate, real-world needs of big pharma – with the potential to create a product that could revolutionize the approach to information retrieval, search and analysis. The result was better than any of us imagined…

One of the early breakthroughs was putting the fledgling tool in the hands of specialists: information scientists, researchers and post docs. – those, who knew infinitely more about their field than any external expert. After two days of training, their colleagues were using the tech to build systems only they could have dreamt of – that day we understood the power and potential of the machine –

That was the day we decided to found Deep SEARCH 9

Let’s get some insight into our technology

Intelligent web crawling and AI

Cross-competence teams staffed by DS9 and the customer build insight apps using the collaborative graphical development environment. A large collection of templates and solutions is the foundation for rapid development and short turnaround cycles.

When we send out our army of specialized crawlers, they’re not only capable of retrieving data from plain websites, but also digging up hidden information gems from web applications that otherwise require sophisticated user interaction. The AI capabilities we have built into our software are applied to content detected in any of the retrieved sources:

  • Automated classification / rating of content using Machine Learning (ML)
  • Geocoding of address information
  • Date normalization
  • Structured data extraction
  • Entity recognition
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Video/voice transcription
  • Automatic translation

Semantic technologies

We have developed DS9 as a hybrid application – combining classic content analysis techniques, AI technologies (such as machine learning and neural networks) and semantic technologies (for managing ontologies, taxonomies and thesauri) – and applying these to entity recognition for tagging unstructured content.

This unique approach means you can find the most relevant pieces of information wherever they might be – yet keep the amount of data to work through as small as possible, by reducing false positives.

Our motivated and expert team is guided by exceeding expectations yet never promises the unachievable just to win new business. As a growing company, our customers and prospects interact with our senior colleagues, who have spent their entire careers in the IT, information and pharma space. We seek first to understand and then, based on specific needs, constantly push the boundaries of information science – by combining big data, the web and AI / semantic technologies. That’s why every DS9 proof of concept to-date is now a live ongoing customer project and trusted by some of the world’s leading pharma companies.

The fabulous relationships we have with our customers is our ultimate reward and the inspiring accounts we hear about what they have achieved using our technology is truly inspiring.