Swiss customer upgrades to Developer’s Edition

Marlow, UK, 03.06.2020

One of our Swiss customers that ran three projects during an earlier proof of concept phase recently upgraded their Runtime license to our Developer’s Edition. This means they can now create an unlimited number of projects on their own, or with DS9 support.

“The benefit of this to the customer is that they can now build their own intelligence systems based on their own unique knowledge, experience and expertise – and we’re very excited to see where our technology will take them” said Philip Ditchfield, Director Sales and Marketing

Hotspot Basel, Switzerland

Alpirsbach, Germany, 05.09.2019

It’s been a hot summer across Europe. For us at Deep SEARCH 9 a special hotspot was Basel, Switzerland. We are thrilled to announce the signing of two new customers: Roche and Novartis, together with its Division Sandoz.

“Apart from working with some very innovative organizations, the thing that excites me the most is the unique ideas each of these global corporations has, for how they can leverage the DS9 platform to find and analyse data in ways that others have not yet explored” said Klaus Kater, DS9, MD.

Expanding cutsomer base to Scandinavia

Alpirsbach, Germany, 30.04.2019

We are delighted to announce a brand new customer: our first big pharma, in Scandinavia!

It’s the first sale for our new Sales and Marketing function, headed up by Philip Ditchfield – and I’m delighted that their efforts have resulted in this new and exciting relationship with such an influential pharma corporation. Klaus Kater, MD.

Moving to the Island

Alpirsbach, Germany, 05.02.2019

Today we are announcing the opening of our UK office, in Marlow, Buckinghamshire, located between London and Oxford.

“This represents a significant investment for DS9 in our customers both in the UK and across mainland Europe” said Klaus Kater, DS9’s MD “and is the second office we have opened outside Germany (the other being in St. Petersburg, Russia).”

Although many may be talking about the UK in the context of Brexit, we very much believe in the UK market and this office will help us to better support our customers in the region and also open up our company to UK talent helping us to grow our services further.

Andrey Budarevskiy announced as Chief Technology Officer

Alpirsbach, Germany, 23.10.2018

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Andrey Budarevskiy as Chief Technology Officer. Andrey will be heading the Deep SEARCH 9 Developer’s Team in St. Petersburg, Russia.

“Andrey, who I have worked alongside previously for 15 years developing leading edge web applications and AI solutions, is a great asset to our company and I am delighted we were able to appoint him to the position of CTO, taking over the responsibility for our technology from me”, says Klaus Kater, Managing Partner at Deep SEARCH 9. “Strengthening our development and support resources is a key part of our company’s growth strategy – and providing the highest quality and best responsiveness to our customers continues to underpin our success.”

Deep SEARCH 9 helps organisations discover new information, analyse the results and distribute the new intelligence across the corporate enterprise – enabling better and more confident decisions.

Honorable Mention for Talk at SEMANTiCS 2018

Alpirsbach, Germany, 19.09.2018

We are proud to announce that Klaus’ talk at this year’s SEMANTiCS conference in Vienna received an Honorable Mention award for being among the three best industry and transfer projects.

“The feedback I received for my talk is confirmation, that we are developing our technology in the right direction. We are among the leaders in combining machine learning with semantic technologies to solve real world problems”, says Klaus Kater.

Philip Ditchfield Announced Director Sales and Marketing

Alpirsbach, Germany, 03.09.2018

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Philip Ditchfield as Director Sales and Marketing, who will be based in our UK office in Marlow, Buckinghamshire. This is a new strategic role and we are delighted Philip is joining our company as part of the leadership team as we expand our business in Europe and the United States.

Philip brings to the organisation many years’ experience within the information sector having held senior sales management roles at Thomson, Wiley and Springer – and, on the other side of the buying process, within information management at GlaxoSmithKline.

Deep SEARCH 9 helps organisations discover new information, analyse the results and distribute the new intelligence across the corporate enterprise – enabling better and more confident decisions.