Managed Intelligence

Reach out to information you've not found before, analyze, structure and evaluate - then share this new intelligence within your company

Deep SEARCH 9®

Simple to use. More Intelligence than you could imagine...
Decide yourself what information you work with. DS9 tools let you build your own intelligence – and make it searchable

No longer be constrained by systems that rate the relevance of information for you, based on their black-box algorithms. Understand why information is retrieved and include only those sources that are relevant to you

Target, crawl, structure and act

Managed Intelligence Systems

DS9’s automated data science technology links and analyzes relevant information sources from the web with your corporate data. You specify the sources and our interactive search engines deliver the collected intelligence to the ultimate recipient in the most suitable form

Reliable search must be targeted, systematic, structured, flexible and repeatable

DS9 lets you send out an army of crawlers to the sources you know are the most reliable, to harvest targeted information systematically. You actively manage the intelligence your scientists and colleagues rely on

Two license models that grow with your needs...

DS9: turn the web into your own proprietary source of corporate intelligence