Managed Intelligence

Ahead of the competition

  • “We use Deep SEARCH 9 to recognize trends and hotspots as early as possible – before the trend becomes commercialized and therefore known to the market”

  • “Deep SEARCH 9 helps us find the needle in the haystack opportunities around the globe, including partnering projects, technology skills, TTOs… as they happen”

  • “Knowing when web content changes substantially or when key positions are advertised on job sites is why we first started using DS9”

  • “We use DS9 to semantically enrich data using ontologies – we then connect the results with internal insight, licensed content, clinical trial information, etc.”

  • “DS9 helps us identify partnering opportunities using data from thousands of medical conferences”

  • “One of our DS9 projects streamlines repetitive search processes that otherwise involved running multiple queries in licensed databases. It locates and extracts the content we require and saves our staff time”

  • “DS9 helps us track in time what’s happening within the biotech market – such as emerging technologies or new start-ups”

  • “We are using DS9 to build a ranking tool for published information sources – based on staff input and DS9’s machine learning”

Deep SEARCH 9®

Simple to use. More Intelligence than you could imagine…

Advanced competitor surveillance (News Tracking)
Track acquisition targets (Biotech Start-ups)
Analyse licensing opportunities (TTOs)
Monitor funding and investment trends (Grants)
Research activities (Conference Abstracts, Publications and Experts)

It’s like sea fishing: collecting and analyzing information from the surface and deep web (vast amount of which is freely and publicly available) with the option to integrate licensed content. Every user gets his/her own perspective on the full pool of collected intelligence, without the need to write a line of code

If this is your mission…

To see business critical information before your competitors

Dynamically build insight apps for your decision makers across your organization so they are always one step ahead

Don’t just take our word for it, try DS9 yourself!

Get one of our solutions up and running in a jiffy or build your own custom managed intelligence solution

Start-ups, grants, TTOs or clinical trials?

Start-ups, grants, TTOs or clinical trials?

It’s our day-to-day business

But even our out-of-the-box solutions can be customized – making other licensed database content seem like canned produce compared to freshly grown

Once you’ve got the taste for DS9, you won’t want to settle for anything less

Want to implement your own innovative ideas?

Want to implement your own innovative ideas?

DS9 Developer’s Edition: our graphical, browser-based environment lets your teams set up targeted search engines and focused trackers in no time

Build from scratch or on existing templates – it’s never been easier to implement semantic search, tag scientific content and use advanced AI to find new insights

DS9: turn the web into your very own proprietary source of corporate intelligence