Deep SEARCH 9 is Data Analysis for the Web.

What Enterprise Search, Big Data Analysis and Text Annotation solutions do with limited data sets, we do with any data we find anywhere in the World Wide Web.

  • Public Web (e.g. news feeds, company websites)
  • Deep Web (e.g. proprietary web based applications)
  • Dark Web (e.g. Tor)
  • Corporate networks

We scrape data from content, we link information semantically, we annotate documents and set them into context. This allows us to find information, even if the search phrase is not in the content of the crawled documents but refer refers to the context only.

Deep SEARCH 9 closes the gap between Search, Big Data Analysis and Semantic Web technologies.

Benefits of Deep SEARCH 9 Web Data Analysis

Examples of benefits that organizations could potentially achieve by successfully using and acting upon insights revealed by the content analytics capabilities of Deep SEARCH 9 include:

  • Improving product research, design, quality and service
  • Anticipating and identifying product defects
  • Reducing customer churn rates
  • Improving consulting intensive services
  • Improving human resource management
  • Refining social media messaging
  • Tracking and better understanding competitors
  • Improving government law enforcement and intelligence gathering and interpretation

Components of Deep SEARCH 9

Application Builder

The Application Builder enables information scientists to build applications that connect users with the information and insights they need.

Parallel Processing Unit

The Parallel Processing Unit executes agents for content conversion, text analytics, data extraction and context mapping.

Connector Framework

The connector layer of Deep SEARCH 9 offers access to virtually any data source in the internet and in corporate networks.

What insights will you find, when you can reach information nobody has reached before?

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